Unexpected Light

a collection of short stories

Unexpected Light is a short story collection based on the challenge of inner awakening, posed by modern life. Sometimes characters are ready for the inner realization, other times there is only a faint glimmer of hope. The stories look at the human element in a modern context, hinting or questioning the possibility of positive, enlivening inner change in unlikely, ‘stuck’, mundane situations.

The stories zoom in on the internal aspects of a character, dissolving the outer world. By slipping into the character’s mind, the reader gets to feel with full force the challenging experiences of modern life ‘from the inside’.

Stories include:

Mirror Mirror
A heated moment of self-hate in front of the mirror has the protagonist speak to her own reflection.

One Heart
The memsahib of the house is aging; but her mind is in very good health. It’s just that… she tends to close herself within a cocoon of poetry, which she recites all day.

Chased by a Face
A detached, independent young woman struggles to tame her disruptive paranoia.

The Wandering Poet
A young wanderer poetically declares his humility and pride in being an artist of words.

Remembering Ravi
When a gifted student dies tragically, his classmate begins an email correspondence with his mother to help process the sudden loss of her friend. The conversation soon turns to opposing beliefs surrounding death.

Three 55-word flash fiction pieces on the theme of jealousy.

…and others.

Sahya Samson is a writer and eurythmist with an LTCL in performing arts. She has always been interested in the mystical, magical and transcendent. A deep love and appreciation for the arts, nature, and spiritual philosophy are a constant inspiration for her work. Her writing includes a staged one-act play, a book of freestyle poems and various articles.

In Words: free verse and other writings

“In Words is aching, angry awareness captured in text and images. Through the pages this awareness widens just as the author herself grows toward a larger selfhood.

L. Weldon

In Words is a book of self-expression without apology. Written when the author was between fourteen and sixteen, it mirrors the world of emotions, capturing a teenager’s changing and turbulent experience of the world within and without.

A collection of thoughts, feelings, and ideas on love, self-identity, sexuality, personal and social relations expressed through free style poetry, fragmented “automatic” writings, spaces and punctuation, and artistic, unusual line drawings.

“For me art is the whole process of becoming…”


Written in a freestyle verse and automatic writing, this book contains sixty-five pieces within eight thematic sections. Each section has names like ‘I’m so full of you’, ‘When I reply’ and ‘One People’ and together map a journey starting from separation to a realisation of unity. It is illustrated with fifteen line drawings. 

“IN the darkness of the mind, hats popping and bells ringing and clocks ticking and pianos playing and words stringing and letters holding. Meaning is data. Knowledge is old and dusty. Untold truths. Unseen forces exist but ignored. …” (In Words)

In this early period of teenage, life is often overwhelming. 

Back cover text

Sahya Samson b. 1992 has been a whole life, real life learner, in Pune, India. She has never been to school, in some countries that is called unschooling. Artistic by nature, she has been writing and drawing almost everyday through childhood. In teenage, her work has matured and free verse seems to pour out of her very naturally. This book is a collection of freestyle poetry, random thought wisps, automatic writing, word winds, whirlwinds… that she has been writing from the age of fourteen to sixteen. In this early period of teenage, life is often overwhelming. In Words records her journey within a new world of emotions which she experienced towards herself, her family and her closest friends.  In Words is an expression of unspoken words reflecting the emotional colours , shades and shadows of a contemporary individual facing new challenges, growing up in a multicultural environment and an ever changing world. (Back Cover Text)

This book contains adult language and illustrations.