‘Dancing to reconnect’ – article by an eurythmist

I recently wrote an article for Niroi’s website entitled ‘Dancing to Reconnect: what the ancient Greeks knew about the art.’

From my background as an eurythmist, I have been deeply moved by the fruits of ancient Greek culture, its art and values of beauty and truth. I’ve learned to appreciate its philosophy, dance, architecture and myths. So, in this article I take a look at the origins of dance as a spiritual-religious practice, one that connects the human being to a larger reality beyond this world, something the Ancient Greeks understood and expressed so well!

Niroi is an organization worth checking out, they promote Greek cultural ideals through a variety of activities.

Read the full article on their site: https://www.niroi.org/post/dancing-to-re-connect-what-ancient-greeks-knew-about-the-art

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