InMovement Eurythmy (InME)

Eurythmy means “beautiful, harmonious movement” in Greek. It is a performing art, movement therapy, educational art and is used in many and varied ways for groups as a social art.

InMovement Eurythmy offers a variety of workshops and modules for groups, promoting the values of the art of Eurythmy movement. No prior experience necessary to join. Available for different ages.

If you would like to inquire about joining or hosting a workshop, please email me at:

VIGOUR workshops

Eurythmy for adults, introducing the elements of the art form: basic choreography, gestures, moods. Vigour workshops allow participants to dive into poems or stories through movement, developing artistic expression, a new awareness of the body/movement, and experience the joy of working and moving together. We will take time out at the end to reflect and discuss topics or themes from our artistic work together.

SAVOUR workshops

Eurythmy for mindfulness, inner space, and connection. ‘Savour workshops’ are slow-paced, ‘savouring’ the process through gentle and graceful movements that bring awareness to our being as well as the being of the world through movements that connect and harmonise the two. We will take time out at the end to journal our inner experiences and share about themes from the workshop.

Eurythmy in Education

Eurythmy in education is a special feature of Waldorf/Steiner schools. I offer short blocks for children as part of the curriculum, with age-appropriate material that supports their development.

Sessions with teachers are also available, either to experience eurythmy for themselves, to develop a personal practice; or to learn how to bring healthy movements to enrich their class, accompanying poems, songs or stories. We will take time out for Q & A, reflections and notes related to the workshop.


I’m open to collaborate across forms and styles with artists, arts researchers, arts facilitators and arts therapists, etc. whether it’s a workshop, class, event, presentation or performance.


Feedback on Past InME workshops…

Eurythmy is important. It creates a space in life that is gentle and calm. If there are any upheavals during the week one knows that one would be OK after the weekly class. It’s a fact that it is a dance movement that is gentle and spiritual in its core that is done through physical movements that are slow and wise. Sahya is an appropriate teacher because she has all these qualities. To have given us all this in such a short time is remarkable.

This was a new and a different experience, was definitely relaxing and helped us understand that getting to slow movements is so difficult and we need to know more about the rhythm of our body and its movements.

It was an experience that calmed my senses in an otherwise busy work environment. I felt that I am away from the worries and tensions that are an integral part of our hectic work lives…

Felt an amazing hand movement experience. My abdominal and stomach area felt much relieved and the anxiety became less. The breath movement became slower which was helpful in relaxing me.

I felt new energies all over my body that I’ve never experienced before.

I loved the Eurythmy! It feels very good. I was feeling that ‘energy field’ all the time in the beginning during the vowel movements. Never felt the ‘energy field’ so strong before.